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March 1995 Issue

Phoenix By Leslie Pietrzyk

The class is restless. I’m also restless, but I’m the teacher; I’m paid 55 dollars a day not to be restless. Right now the kids are drawing pictures of their houses — not officially part of the second grade curriculum, but I was originally…

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January 1995 Issue

Strings By Josip Novakovich

On Columbus and 106th opposite from a hotel on whose yellow neon sign a green monkey leaped and hung by its tail during the summer, near a burnt down cancer ward, I shared an apartment with three Juilliard students…

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September 1994 Issue

The Son, He Must Not Know By Michael Brodsky

So much bloody effort required to procure the toy, the toy that is a man’s, a father’s, rightful due. All day, a day of calm, of springlike pronouncements, though of a pomp foreign to spring itself…

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