Keltie Zubko

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Keltie Zubko is a Western Canadian writer who divides her time between Vancouver Island and Alberta. She has an extensive background writing about freedom of speech legal cases, but now prefers to explore our human relationship with technology in her short stories and novels.

Contributions by Keltie Zubko

Fall 2018 Issue

The Warehouse

Second Prize, 2018 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
Balanced half on a battered metal rung, half on the front of the stone-faced building, the young man stretched to touch the letters of the sign, and then down behind them. He felt for wires and fittings that once supplied the electricity, making them glow, a beacon in the dark, inviting the neighborhood to watch stories by the light of their artificial fires. “Blockbuster,” it still spelled, in dull yellow and faded blue…

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