Holly Woodward

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Holly Woodward was a Russian spy who defected to the British Secret Service at the fall of Berlin—oh, snap, that’s her novel’s heroine, who has more fun. Her lover, Vera, is a Russian poet who becomes a sniper in WWII, one of many Soviet Army women whose aim was more accurate than the men’s, as their heartbeats were less jolting.

Holly is an artist and writer. Her story, “Promiscuity,” won third prize in a Literal Latte contest, and her work appears in magazines, most recently, “Sex for Beginners,” was posted on the Red Fez website.

Contributions by Holly Woodward

Fall 2018 Issue

Love Trouble

“I’m a nightmare in bed,” I told the stranger staring at my cleavage.

He leaned close, tilting the barstool….

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