Faith Shearin

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Latte Contributor

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Faith Shearin's books of poetry include: The Owl Question (May Swenson Award), Telling the Bees (SFA University Press), Orpheus, Turning (Dogfish Poetry Prize). Her short stories have appeared in The Missouri Review, Frigg, Atticus Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Sixfold, and Meridian. Shearin's work has been read aloud on The Writer's Almanac and included in American Life in Poetry. She has received awards from the NEA, the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, and The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown.

Contributions by Faith Shearin

Fall 2018 Issue

Wild Horses

Third Prize, 2018 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
That winter, on our island, a flu arrived by fishing trawler; it was carried up the stairs of a cottage not far from our own on the hands of a visiting uncle, and soon all the Tillett daughters caught it: their faces flushed with fever, their lungs filling with fluid….

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Winter 2017 Issue

The Singing

The cottage had been built by my great grandfather
who sat alone, in the shade, dressed in work boots
and overalls…

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Winter 2017 Issue

Francis Glessner Lee

She loved miniatures: made tiny replicas of rooms
that captured her imagination, recreated
the stiff chairs, the oil paintings of angels,
a pair of wire-rimmed glasses on a bedside table….

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