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By Jacquelyn Shah

On a rosewood dining room table overflowing a lead-crystal bowl: apple kiwi lemon guava cantaloupe sloped over grapefruit pissing off peach & pear papaya breadfruit starfruit jackfruit date & durian apricot banding with kumquat nectarine mango tangelo lime pineapple pumpkin chin-upping cherries berries black & blue & dew huckle & goose & elder rasp & straw & cran & bil lichee licking a quince grapes all peeled black-red-green champagne & globe honeydew water & crashaw melons persimmon & plum perfecting themselves tangerine plantain coconut currants oranges, copious mandarin navel & blood seeds squealing out from a fat pomegranate as raisins debate & debate the dubious wonders of botox figs & bananas bananas bananas-of-course a little green worm is fucking the fruit — apple then kiwi lemon guava . . . all in the fog of a grand starbuckian steamed-milk froth . . .

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About Jacquelyn Shah

Jacquelyn "Jacsun" Shah is drawn to the offbeat, the zany, the quirky, and loves absurdist and surrealist poetry. Founding member of Voices Breaking Boundaries (VBB), a literary arts organization in Houston, TX, she has taught creative writing through Writers In The Schools and at the University of Houston, where she completed both M.F.A. (creative writing) and Ph.D. (creative writing and English literature). Her work has appeared in various journals and anthologies, such as Cranky, Margie, Tar River Poetry, The Texas Review, Anon (Britain), RHINO, and Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Australia). A poetry chapbook small fry has just been published by Finishing Line Press and she has a full-length poetry book, What to Do with Red, forthcoming.

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